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Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Great reflections in the shot, but more importantly is the significance of the museum. May the opening go well and be proudly visited by all that should understand where our country has been and the progress we actually have made.

Mine is here: Weekend Reflection ~ Focused Fisherman


This is a great reflection, because the museum will be a reflection on the history and achievements of the Civil Rights Movement. Great choice. Is it snowing there as much as here in Raleigh?


Wonderful reflection shot, on many levels. What a beautiful monument to how far we've come. And hopefully a catalyst to continue the work of so many.


I trust we'll see some photos from inside once the doors open?


As a former teacher of American history it seems that the Civil Rights movement in this country was sparked by the sit-down lunch counter protests in Greensboro...

If I remember correctly, then it is very appropriate that a museum such as this be situated in your fair city. (And I see from your comments that I do remember correctly. :-))

Let's hope the museum is worn down by the tread makes of thousands of shoes! We've come a long way, but I have been amazed (since the election of President Obama) how much farther we have to go!

Melissa B.

Love your reflection! Have you read John Lewis' memoir? He's got some vivid tales about the lunch counter sit-ins in Greensboro, Nashville, etc. Powerful stuff.


Reflections on the outside and even more on the inside.

Thank you for the comment!


kudos to Greensboro!

the reflections are nice
definitely a place I would like to visit

John McDevitt

Excellent shot.


I like the sign and the street light. Very eye catching.

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