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Thursday, December 10, 2009


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Jane Mitchell

I didn't realize that Bryan Blvd. extended that far. It used to be called Benjamin Parkway as it crossed Westover Terrace and continued by Friendly Shopping Center. I wonder if Benjamin Pkwy. has been reduced to the small section that runs in front of Benjamin Library? I, of course, still refer to it as Benjamin Parkway until it becomes the new section of Bryan Blvd.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Great question Jane! On the website of the water treatment plant, they say that it is on Bryan Blvd. Since I'd forgotten to take a picture of the street signs, something I usually do when on a photo shoot, I just copied the city's website. I do think Bryan Blvd. has engulfed much of Benjamin Parkway. It would be nice for someone with the history on this matter to respond. At least we are asking the questions. Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy in street names. We love to get these local discussions going.

Mrs. GDP

Dina in Jerusaelm

It is a bit mysterious. Nice.

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