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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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What an interesting and original idea. I love all those red shoes leading the way.


Great inviting picture. So many red shoes! And a nice "little man" in the reflection.
Some of my favorite clothes came from the Salvation Army store in Australia (where the SA folks are called Salvos).

Hootin' Anni

I would love to shop there for 'cheap' designer fashions!!!!

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hip chick

I love the way you have captured this photo. Oooh, an upscale goodwill...how far away from N.H. is that?


Wow, guess where I'm heading soon? Thanks for the shopping tip! I love the Salvation Army, I have been waiting for the bell ringers outside Harris Teeter but haven't seen them yet.


A very creative idea! I just visited two Salvation Army openings here in my neighborhood just recently and they are awesome. I always go there for anything that I need (the secret of shopping, less money great buy)And yes it is an upscale SA too here. Loving SA!! Happy Ruby Tuesday.

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Diane AZ

Fantastic find for Ruby Tuesday! I love the perspective of this shot with the shoes leading the way in.

Bill B.

I like the idea of the shoes but I hope no one trips.


Those red shoes in the portal made me click here — I'm sure I would have followed them if I were there. What a lovely idea! For both the shop and the red shoes. Praying for the venture's success!

Sandy "From the Heart of Texas"

Wow! That's a lot of red shoes! I would have followed them to see where they went! :)


I love this photo! Happy Ruby Tuesday!


oh wow..this is what Ruby is..heheh lots of red..very excellent shot

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East Gwillimbury WOW!

This is clever advertising. This would convince me to walk inside to check the place out.


That's absolutely fantastic. An artful photo of an artful display.

Thanks for visiting Pasadena Daily Photo today.


Thank you so much for highlighting the work of my students! We are very excited about the store and hope that your readers will follow the trail of red shoes to it!

It is also wonderful to discover your blog. I love the way you're documenting our town!

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