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Monday, November 23, 2009


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This business of moving whole houses is especially American - quite fascinating.


This actually isn't the Zenke's house - this was one of the ones next door that were also moved. The Zenke house is still on a lot near Washington Street.


No matter which or whose house its a great photo

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks for clarifying Wendy. Yes, the Zenke's had the interior decorating business here for years and lived in the white house; however, multiple properties within the block were all owned by the Zenkes. Hopefully Chris and Gina will see this photo. They have worked tirelessly to save this structure. I love Aileni's comment. Being from New Zealand, he is not used to all of this moving houses!

And, as always, Daryl, we love hearing from NYC!

Mrs. GDP


Great subject for monochrome.

John McDevitt

You did everything right here. Wonderful image and it belongs in monochrome.


I too am always amazed at how Americans just pick up a house and wheel it away to a new location. Here in Jerusalem an old heritage house has to be dismantled stone by stone. A number is written on each stone, and then they are put back together.

Ginia Zenke

Just saw this two years after the move! Great photograph and thanks so much for following up from the beginning. Yes, house moving is typically American, buildings in Europe are more substantial to begin with and then their was that whole Colonial "gee, they sure have a lot of trees here, what to do?" thing going on.
Update on our home - the white one on Washington Street. It has been renovated, lovingly scraped, sanded and painted. And now the sheriff is looking for land for a parking deck.
Also typically American is tearing down our architectural history - hence the moving reaction.
Also found a clip on You Tube of the house moving into place on Washington Street; its about a minute but shows what it went through for a day and a half. Thanks for all your interest and comments.

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