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Friday, November 06, 2009


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Grace Olsson

Very interesting shot...Love it.And the perspective that u took.,..was so much nice.have a nice weekend, dearest

Larry D

Wow, incredible sight, great sky!

Bill B.

Let' hope business improves for everyone.


haha! that's tremendously huge! ^0^
did you say mecca of furnitures ? ooh, i'll love this place.
this armoire piece is already eye-catching!


How cool is that?! Awesome shot!


What a fun shot. I also like your autumn Tate street shot below.


That is the best advertising exterior EVER!
All my DH wanted to know is "Do the drawers open?" He was a carpenter could you tell?
Great shot,fun and interesting.

J Bar

That's awesome.

Myrna Lee

I love all your pics !


Wowie zowie! When we were in Paris in 2004, the Louis Vuitton hand bag store was undergoing renovations and had built a three story replica of its signature bag and suitcase which towered over the street scene in front of the store. This reminds me of that. Very cool to see.
My parents bought a small, nicely built wooden table when they were vacationing in your area. They enjoyed it in their RV for many years and kept their canary's cage on it. I'd go nuts if I lived there, I love to look at furniture :-).


I think the bleak sky only makes this chest stand out even more!


I've never seen anything like it - at first I thought two images one over another. It is a giant chest. It is a sight we need to promote - world class!


Very interesting as this is the first time I've seen one huge chest used as entrance and facade of a building. Thanks for showing us.

Furniture Stores

OMG... That's the biggest highboy chest I've ever seen! :)


I can't even imagine such vastness, both inside and out!

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