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Sunday, October 25, 2009


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I have a lot of fun with Jehovah Witnesses when they come knocking at my door for most of them know almost nothing about the Bible. They've been proclaiming the end of the world since their inception, but keep changing the date of that event because it never happens when they so predict.

Jehovah is not the "English translation," it is a mistranslation by people who did not know Hebrew. There are other names for God in the Bible, including Elohim, but again they didn't seem to know that. Jehovah is not a legitimate translation in any case. There are no vowels in Hebrew...thus the name is YWHW, often given an English transliteration of Yahweh.

Well, you got me going this morning! :-))

Hope you have a great day and thanks for your kind words on Ocala DP!

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Interesting post...and interesting comment from Jacob. My brother-in-law was a Jehovah Witness so I've heard lots about that religion first hand. They're great evangelizers. In California, they've converted a lot of hispanics from Catholicism by going door to door. We Catholics should probably do more of that - evangelizing, I mean. Happy Sacred Sunday!

Btw, thanks for the great idea about persimmon pudding. Every year we look for new persimmon recipes.

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