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Thursday, October 01, 2009


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Good luck with the recycling program. It seems as though so many people find it easier to toss everything in the one trash can. It takes some effort, but it certainly is worth it.

Thanks for your kind words on my Day of Atonement post and that of Dina at Jerusalem Hills Daily. I applaud your effort with Sacred Sunday and I hope that you continue. You are doing more than I, because it's expected from someone in my profession. But, you do it out of love for the Lord and to spread the word. Pax.


An interesting choice for today. Recycling is so important. Massive signs I see you have. Nice one!


A law against plastic bottles in the garbage! Good one! Israel needs that law.


Great reminder. I have two thing I am struggling with - loosing weight and recycling. Achieving those will make me feel better. Recycling looks like realistic goal :)

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