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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Abraham Lincoln

I just bought a knockout rose this summer and it is doing well. I don't pamper them and usually they die. I did have an old rose that lived here for 40 some years and finally gave up the ghost. I like them but not the insects they usually bring -- aphids for one. So if it has aphids I don't have it long.

Jane Mitchell

Re: Abe's comment--a friend told me once that people don't live forever, so why should we expect plants to? Enjoy them while you have them. JTM


I love the colors and lighting in this scene and how the flowers contrast with the darker background. Very vivid! Now you've reminded me that I need to prune my rose bushes!


When I was bemoaning the loss of several shrubs around my childhood home, citing them as orginal plantings from the home's construction in 1925, the gardener who was listening to my plight replied, "Well, after 75 years of neglect, I'd say somebody got their money's worth." Alas, he was surely right.

The photo is lovely.

ann chin

That is a very unusual vase of a lovely lime green colour. You don't need roses in winter, the vase itself is a beautiful ornament.

Thanks for visiting.

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