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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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I'm sorry about David Sherman...

Hootin' Anni

Great use of ruby reds in the photo [I'm not a fan of FOX station tho. LOLOLOL]

My Ruby Tuesday is big huge LIPS this morning...come by if you can?

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Magical Mystical Teacher

They zoom down the road,
the bicyclists on their way
to new adventures.

My Ruby Tuesday

Bill B.

We are having wars between riders and drivers down here. Not good.

Amanda Moore

I love any kind of photojournalist shot this one is great lots of action/things to see. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

ellen b

It really is too bad about the cyclist getting killed. I never was comfortable riding on the road. On one of our cycling trips a log truck driver ran my husband off the road. It was so scary! Great photo you captured!!


nice photo..


How awful, police now believe they have found the vehicle & driver. I drive Horse Penn Creek Rd almost daily, for one, if you dare go the speed limit or even 5 over it, you are being tailgated the whole way - people just need to slow down, but that will never happen without some heavy & frequent policing. Add in those who will text, talk, or paint their nails while driving, and I wouldn't get near a road like that on a bike. I understand bicyclists wanting to add a lane - that would be the only way to travel it safely, however I also understand that property owners, some of whom it looks like have lived there a long time when it was a much less traveled road, are dealing with evermore encroachment and traffic in their yards. Ahhh progress.


Great idea. I have a photo I forgot about and this picture reminded me of it and I am on my way to publish it. I never learned how to ride a bike, but my boys did. It is such a healthy exercise and fascinating to watch.

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