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Saturday, October 10, 2009


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Alice Moore

I like the composition of this photo very much; the strong horizontal linear movement of the twigs (?)lead into the roundness of the walnuts, which have a nice textural quality. Using a screen to break down the strong horizontal light from the left would have enhanced the textural appeal;
I doubt if an imitation of nature would approximate the real thing, so I doubt Yankee Candle will satisfy. Glibwit


Ah, so that's what our tree is. Thanks! (Still trying to figure out how to eat the nuts though. The shells are rock hard and, even when opened, they hold the "meat" so tightly as to make it nearly impossible to get anything more then a few crumbles out.)


Nice photo of a multi-purpose nut.


Our neighborhood has several trees. one of them has such a bountiful crop that you cant walk in the yard. I was walking my dog and stopped to help my neighbor. they will stain your hands. you have to wait for the outer shell to dry before cracking open.

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