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Friday, October 09, 2009


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Wow - all kinds of lines going on in this photo. Great shot. Happy Skywatch Friday!


Is there such a monster machine that can leave those tire tracks? :) Yellow makes the gloomy tire shop look fresh!

Thank you for stopping by! My Mom is smoke free now for 7 months after being diagnosed with emphysema. I wish she did that earlier, but in Bulgaria majority of people smoke. Blogging helped her stay away from cigarettes, walk more and exercise. Instead of coffee and cigarette in the morning she is having coffee and a laptop :)


Great colors here! It is amazing how time changes things! When we first moved to Pembroke Pines, Florida 25 years ago, most everything just west of where we lived was open field, farms, horse ranches, etc. Now all that is gone and the area is covered with shopping centers, malls, gas stations, stores, apartment buildings and homes!


I noticed that we're neighbors at Skywatch and at Hilda's, too. Have a great day. I'm flying home this afternoon. God bless and see you on Sacred Sunday.

Myrna Lee

Great Pic! Great color!I also like the yellow & blue against the sky & I also like the way the power lines accentuate the line of the building.
Thanks for stopping by.
~Myrna Lee

Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific shot! Very colorful, great composition!

Have a great weekend!



BF Goodrich loves that bright yellow, don't they?! We have one here too, but it doesn't have those great tire marks or that "feast of typography"!!

Oh, and pretty turquoise sky, too.


I love the mix of colors. Great shot!

Moe Lauher

What a great photograph. The lines draw me right across the picture, then I jump back to view the giant tire marks. Wonderful


It´s thoise huge tire tracks that draw the attention. Fun and fast building!

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