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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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Bill B.

Those really are a slice of Americana.


I have to admit, I like hotels. The camping enthusiasts are fascinating adventurous people. This camping homes look so shiny, no wonder they keep their value. Great shot!
By the way - the truth is I deleted few brown spots from the flowers. My husband doesn't like when I do that. He says brown spots are beautiful and natural. I like to get lost in a flower and make them fairy clean.

Amanda Moore

It look like spaceships have landed! We don't have an Airstream we have a Jamboree with no interesting stories attached.Have a great WW!


They look so shiny and clean. Just be careful with the wet ground, they could be slippery!
Thanks for stopping by!


I love them, they are so expensive - but I understand why, they apparently hold up quite well and retain their value. Pretty colors - it seems like fall just exploded around here this past week!


I've always sort of wanted one of those - just because of the way they look! I'm actually a tent-type camper, myself. :-)

hip chick

What a great photo. I love the colors. I do think it would be fun to travel around like this for a while. You would really have to love your traveling companion because it's pretty tight quarters.

Sally in WA

Great pic. What always amazes me is the price they charge for these. Great craftsmanship and materials, but still...I think it would be cool to find and older one and restore it.

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