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Sunday, September 13, 2009


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Greensboro Daily Photo

On Saturday, in Jerusalem, there was a terrible fire in the Franciscan Monastery. If you to the blog, Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo you can read about it and see pictures.


Please keep this community in your thoughts.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Hilda in Manila has a very interesting Sacred Sunday post about Catholicism in the Philippines today:


And Monastery Daily Photo always has something interesting about religion:


Dina in Jerusaelm

A bell tower is good from any angle.

I just wrote a long comment and got an error message. Trying again.
Thanks for your link and prayers. Today is again hot, dry, and windy. Our whole village ALMOST got evacuation orders yesterday.
I have been housesitting a very old house on the Franciscan property this week, and the responsibility weighs heavy upon me now.
Meanwhile I try to help the monastery folks by opening the door to a hot shower, a cell phone charge, an e-mail check, freezer space, etc. while they have no electricity.


1959 was a good year for Christ!

Thanks for your commentary on this photo. The idea of the wife of a pastor is very foreign to me, although we do have married deacons. I am always amazed how involved the wife of a deacon is in the ministry.

Prayers continue for Dina and the fire near her!

Happy Sacred Sunday! - glad to see Hilda is joining us.


Love bell towers, and if I spot one, I always try to photograph it. This is very well done! Etched into the sky!

I also appreciated your commentary.

By the way, Ocala calls itself the "Horse Capitol of the World," with some justification - more than 200 horse farms are located here, from which came a number of top-notch race horses. Horse racing is big business and many of our local farms are owned by folks from all over the world.

Ocala and its horse farms are set amidst rolling hills and majestic oaks. It's really quite beautiful and very different from South Florida.


Nice composition.Good sky.Greeting!


A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this inforamiotn.

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