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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


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Even before I read your text, I guessed it was a post office. Wow, a big building. Reminds me of the huge Chicago P.O. where I worked as a student one summer. We had to be fingerprinted and had to sign an agreement not to strike.
Thanks for the memories...

Bill B

I bet there are a lot of prayers said in the Preyer building.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Bill: You are funny! Dina, great memories. What a brave young woman you were to work in downtown Chicago! Contrast your live then to now, out digging artifacts in Israel. I'll bet you have amazing stories to tell!


Very nice example of American art déco which I like very much!


That's a building I would like to see close up. My camera would have to see it with me, of course! Until then, I'll admire the architecture in your picture.


This is so cool. I took a picture of that building and if I use it on my blog I'll have to link back to this post so people will know what it is. I'm slowly but surely getting my computer back up and running after having to restore it to factory settings when the new power supply was installed.


Brave? No, Chicago was fine in the mid 1960s, at least during the day. I have a memory of the Post Office. We few kids lucky enough to get summer work there at high per hour pay were conscientious and fast workers. Trouble was, when the mail was all sorted (by hand!) by the afternoon, everybody was sent home for the day, including most of the old-timers, the regulars. One day we found a paper taped to our cubbyholes that said "Kollege kids." We got the idea and tried to slow down.

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