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Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Greensboro Daily Photo

Well, it is nearly 11:00 and not one comment today! I've gone in and made the text a little shorter, less technical. Perhaps this change will encourage people to read through and get to the humorous part.

Also, I didn't participate in a meme today. That is one of those international, themed lists that you link to if you can fit the theme of the day: monochrome, water, animals, yellow, red, sky watch, alphabet, etc. That brings in the international visitors galore to a blog. However, at some point, we would like to think that 1) GDP attracts local readers and 2) local readers have comments to share.

Surely, someone has a reaction to this photo, architecture, green trend...........

Mrs. GDP

Jane Mitchell

From a local who visits this blog regularly: We are fortunate to have the Quaintances, their two hotels and three restaurants in Greensboro. The Proximity has received honors for being a green hotel, not only for its solar panels, but for its attention to energy and efficiency. In naming the hotel after the early mills in Greensboro, they have created a nice sense of history. They are real winners. JTM

Susie of Arabia

Well, you certainly made it LOOK easy to photograph with your lovely photo!
Don't despair about not getting any comments - my photo blog is the same way with usually very few comments. But the stats show that it gets well over 500 hits every day - more than my other blog which gets more comments. Go figure.

Sally in WA

I love the look of this place. All the symmetry and the unique windows on the top row are cool. I'd stay there in a heartbeat, and not just because of the solar panels on the roof.


I must be a born square, but this building looks very pretty to me, esp. with the blue.
Comments seem to get rare in the hot summer, or so I notice.


I thought I remember reading somewhere that this hotel is the "greenest" hotel in the world. Do you know if that is true?


I can't stop laughing :) It is square in all directions :)


I know this is a post from last summer, but I wondered if you'd visited the Print Works Bistro yet - so searched and sure enough - you've got it covered! I am excited to have reservations for the Easter Buffet with my family this Sunday - our first visit. I know the food will be fantastic as I've yet to be disappointed in a meal at a Quaintances' establishment.

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