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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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How sweet! How patriotic and proud. It says so many positive things about the family or person who lives there. It has to be someone worth knowing.


How sweet! How patriotic! The family or person who lives there has to be someone we would love to know.

Bill B

Those panels may hay cost as much as the house.

Dina in Jerusaelm

Pretty. Blue and white always makes me think of Greece (well, pictures of Greece).
Why do the panels look white? Reflection of the clouds maybe?


OK, so solar panels aren't necessarily pretty. But I'd have them on the roof of the condo anytime if the other owners were ready for a long term investment.


Is this how they look like. I've heard if your house produces more electricity them you use the power company is required to buy it from you. It is such a heat - the AC is working hard in my house - I wonder how much electricity these panels provide...

Sally in WA

So neat and tidy and kudos to them for their solar panels!


Very charming house! And made even more wonderful because of the fact that the owners care enough about the environment to install solar panels.

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