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Monday, August 03, 2009


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Clueless in Boston

Great picture from the air and through the glass window. Have a great week.


Airports are always interesting places to go and take pictures . . . thanks for reminding me. This renders well in b+w.


Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the friendly comment. I have stopped by your blog several times and would love to visit Greensboro in person sometime. It is beautiful and has so much character, I love it, it is so much different from living in the Southwest. I give your blog 10+ kernals! Thanks for the pictures.


Such a great idea! I wish I took pictures when I used to fly - I miss flying - and traveling! Such a great feeling from this photo!


Well caught.


That is a great shot. Reminds me of the images I have to do work wise for surveyors. I see them a work, but other peoples I enjoy much more. So much landscape in here.

Bill B

Isn't it interesting how we view things in terms of our CDP websites.


WOW .. now that's a neat shot


Very nice aerial shot! I'll have to remember to do this next time I fly over Versailles but it'll be... ummm... more blurred, taken from much higher! So where do you fly to from Greensboro?

Greensboro Daily Photo


We just returned from Northern Ohio, the Lake Erie, Marblehead, Oberlin area. I'll have to say that Lake Erie is a clean and inviting, beautiful lake with a fabulous shoreline. It totally surpassed my expectations. Northern Ohio is full of miles and miles of pasture, barns, bays, harbors, islands, at least one lighthouse, stunning blue skies, Orthodox churches, cute little shops.....

Unfortunately, other people don't usually want to be around me when I am in "photographer mode." So I didn't capture nearly as many photos as I'd hoped.

It is so fun to discover a new region of one's own country. Thanks for asking.

Mrs. GDP


It's always fun to take shots of what lies below the plane...great perspective of your hometown airport. It looks like a manageable place to arrive in or depart from! Thanks for visiting my SWF post...


Mrs. GDP had a great afterthought. Quite an impressive scene. And yes, I can see the tip of the wingy thingy.

Saw your comment to Cieldequimper. Your comment about Lake Erie is fascinating. In the early part of the 20th century, Lake Erie was so polluted with chemicals that photographers could develop film with the lake water.

It was quite a job cleaning it up, but I have heard it's nice now, so I was glad to have that verified.

ken mac

Thanks for your prayers and support re my recent illness and successful recovery. Much appreciated!

Been to that airport many times...I am from Charlotte!

Happily Retired Gal

Interesting perspective ... excellent in monochrome ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


I was just there so I have to comment. Actually I was thinking about you as I snapped pictures in downtown Greensboro while my daughter and I were waiting for my sisters flight which was delayed. I picked my daughter up at RDU (she flew in from Baltimore) and the plan was to pick my sister up at the Greensboro airport on the way to a Boone/Blowing Rock family reunion. My sister's plane was suppposed to come in at 2 pm but the LaGuardia flight from NY was delayed so we had to kill time until she finally arrived at 6:30. It wasn't too bad because we took photographs in downtown Greensboro and found a coffee shop across the park near the Children's museum. I kept thinking that you'd recognize my shots when I finally use them. Unfortunately I came home to computer issues and I'm using an ancient computer which will cut down on blogging until my newer one is back in action.

Greensboro Daily Photo

To add to the Northern Ohio comments pursuant to above-mentioned-trip and Jacob's comment on the former condition of Lake Erie, I share the following:

Our hosts said that prior to 20 years ago, people who lived near Lake Erie never had to worry about bugs. They were all over the water. They had habitat and food in the water. Now, bugs on shore are an issue because Lake Erie is so clean that the bugs have to come ashore because there is nothing for them on/in the water. Driving out to Marblehead felt like being in a New England resort community.

Lee  Spangler

Thanks for pointing out the curvature on the horizon. I wish I could have seen Greensboro when it was a small town. I enjoy the variety of your posts. Buildings, social issues, transportation etc.


Great aerial view!

Samantha ~ Holly & Zac ~

Wow..fantastic image. :-)


Great aerial shot, especially through the glass!

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