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Monday, July 27, 2009


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Looks tiny but thre are three cars so I guess it goes back a ways.
Yes, I use film. My camera collection my be seen at Matters Photographic at the foot of the Mono site's sidebar.


this is beautiful!

Bill B

I don't know why, but it looks somewhat out of place for NC. Looks charming, however.

David Burke

G'boro has some great, classic, older home, and you have a knack for finding them!


That looks like a charming house and well suited to monochrome. I hope you have a great week.


How interesting...at first glance, I thought, "No, that can't be! In Greensboro? It looks very similar to the house I lived in in Los Angeles in the late 40s!"

Nice photo; interesting commentary!

Have a great week!


What a great monochrome image and a really neat little house!


I like this Spanish stucco . . . there are so few of them here in Quincy. the white casings around the windows and doorways really jump out.


Nice shot .. perfect for a monochrome!

hip chick

I love this picture. What a great little house. It looks like the type of place that you could walk or ride your bike to town from. I love those neighborhoods.

Clueless in Boston

Great photo. Your b+w photos are consistently wonderful. This house looks like it belongs in Arizona, not NC. Have a great week.

storyteller at Small Reflections

Wonderful shot! This reminds me of the home I grew up in ... though our Spanish style flat roofed stucco house had a huge semi-enclosed porch across part of the front.
Hugs and blessings,


Beautiful contrasts on this!


What a delightful little house - so friendly in appearance. Fine mono.


I used to see houses like this all the time in California but I don't think I've seen one in the East. It just looks right in B&W.

This Eclectic Life

I'm not sure I'd want to see the stucco in color! The black and white complements it. Very nice.

Margaret Gosden

Perfect example of a monochrome photograph before color became popular.

Greensboro Daily Photo

I used to avoid getting cars in the pictures. Now, I realize how much they help in dating a photo! Thanks for all the Monday comments. What a way to start the week! David B., as always, thank you for being such a faithful reader and commenter!

Samantha ~ Holly & Zac ~

What a great, unique looking house.

Nice shot!

House Stucco

Stucco really works! Aside from its durability it really gives a beautiful impact to your home. It is beautiful.


I had to laugh as soon as I saw this house. My husband and I were married in Ebenezer and in our wedding pictures taken in the church entrance this house is in all the pictures through the window in the background!

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