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Thursday, July 16, 2009


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What a monstrous building. Interesting that the lake was built just to cool it!


Yes, it does look powerful.
A steam station? I never heard that term. It sounds nice; kind of a tongue twister.


Just wondering what it does to the lake and the environment.

dan thompson

This is a great lake I fished & hunted it in the early 80's.
The warm water is great for fish & plant growth,so it also helps the
animals that use these resources have a little help getting through winter. It is also great place to go water sking in November in N.C.


@ dan thomson

I'm happy you enjoy the fishing and hunting, but what about the crap this plant pumps into the atmosphere?

seems quite a price to pay to catch the occasional fish i would rather no coal-fired power ANYWHERE in the world, and pay money for some farmed fish.

Dan Thompson

@ Gabor
I see your point but I have worked with guys that worked at nuke plants & heard scary stories. N.C. is not a wind energy type state so that kind of limits your choice of energy sources.
AS far as famed fish you are missing the whole point.

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