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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


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An "edible landscape"! Great term and a great thing to do.
I've been so busy this week helping my nun friends that only now I get caught up on your posts. Love how you describe the Pius X church project. :)
The Old City as half Christian? Hmm, well, only if you count 2 as half of 4 . Please see numbers and aerial view at http://jerusalemhillsdailyphoto.blogspot.com/2008/11/old-city-vehicles.html


such an inviting photo! so fresh!

Bill B

Quite simply, nothing's better than the own fresh "fruits of your labor."


I love this shot. Nothing better than fruits and vegetables fresh out of the garden.


Wonderful - and not just the photo but everything about it! I have such a desire to have an edible landscape, so far my attempts have not turned out great. Hopefully I'll get there over time!


You grow these. I am so envious. Blueberries are still relatively new to the UK, but I'm a huge fan. I'd love to see more of your fruit. I also must visit more. I have become a little lax with my visiting other blogs.


Hmmm! Any idea as to why Piedmont is called like an Italian region (or almost)?


Wow - just came to your blog, saw the photo and thought "WOW" ... the photo is excellent, especially with the ceramic chicken on the left and the corresponding red stripes in the upper right corner. Very nice composition (even if I am not a blueberry fan ;-))


Thank you for such the sweet response! Your photography (and website) is gorgeous and I've bookmarked your site for future viewing. I'm hoping to step up my design in some way to draw in more readers, so hopefully when you come back there will be something new to see!


Beautiful photo! Mrs. GDP does great at tracking down pretty dishes for fabulous photos!

Please be so kind to remember to put your country when you do a MWT post. I'm fixing today's.

Thanks so much! This is a winner!


Those blueberries look delicious. I agree -- once you've tasted home-grown fruits and vegetables, store-bought just doesn't compete.


RIPE blueberries? Yum. We have the blue impersonators here. Enough to make me cry. Lovely photo.

Sally in WA

Oh these blueberries look delicious! One of my favorite fruits.

Buenos Aires Photo Blog

Wow, the picture made my mouth water! Self-grown blueberries! I love them!


Fresh produce from the garden is the best way to do. I have grown our own food for us until last summer when there was no water for the garden or our animals. We've just had some rain and are already picking lettuce leaves and dill.
Love your photo.


I'd love to live there, nothing like fresh produce easily accessible at your very own backyard. Wish I had a backyard and a green thumb! Love your photo too!

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