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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


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Bill B

Darn. Looking at the photo, I thought the circus was in town. Be safe out there.


All that big tent is just for fireworks?? Yikes, I'm staying put here in my country. Good luck.


Yep, that time of year! We have tents all over here in Va too. Not sure what the laws are yet on them. In Georgia you couldn't do any that shoot into the air, or something like that, but people would go to SC all the time to get them. I remember a big store right by Lake Hartwell, right over the SC line :)


Totally off topic: I miss WalMart. I never thought I would!


Firecrackers, the bane of civilization. The nuts around here sign a paper saying they're going to use them on their farms and then blow up hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in every neighborhood in town.

The rockets red glare does nothing for me when it's headed toward my roof!


Empty but not for long by the sounds of it!


Looking forward to an awesome 4rth of July celeb!!

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