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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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I would love to know about that yellow chair. One to Google. Love this image so striking and what a place to visit.

Bill B

I believe the one on the right will hold up better over time and require less cleaning and maintenance.

Furniture Stores

The High Point Museum is a must see and a great example of our American design and manufacturing talents. Let's bring our furniture manufacturing jobs back to the US!


Excellent museum. i think the yellow chair on the left looks Danish Modern--60s 70s something like that. I remember my Mother got some blue striped ones similar. MB


interesting exhibit and both chairs are striking.
one of course a functional outdoor piece and the other very chic and modern.
thanks for sharing the exhibit with us.


Cool exhibit. I love the yellow chair.

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations

Wonderful yellow chair but methinks I'd choose the lovely wooden one if I sat down. As far as my multi-tasking, since I don't publish as often as I did once upon a time ... I've found combining my favorite activities 'works' for now. I've finally given myself permission to make my own rules when it comes to blogging. I encourage everyone to do likewise ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Interesting exhibition. Love the photo -- bright and inviting. But I don't suppose you can sit on the exhibits! ;D Thanks!

Greensboro Daily Photo

In response to Snap's comment: Actually, you sit in chairs to watch the videos related to the exhibit.

On the wall in the exhibit room is a great quote:

"There is nothing artificial about our Southern industrial progress. It rests on the solid ground of the conversion of Southern raw materials into commodities ready for use." W.W. Finley, President, Southern Railway Co. March 1909..... Hope our railway-loving readers, Sue and Diane, see that quote!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Local Greensboro photographer, Lisa Scheer, has a great chair-related photo posted on local journalist Ed Cone's website:


Teresa Loflin

Yes we invite and encourage our visitors to sit in the chairs in the Chair Park. All the chairs were donated by leading companies in the area: Davis Furniture, Thayer Coggin, P&P/Troutman Chairman Company and Uwharrie Chair Company.

The yellow chair, donated by Thayer Coggin, is a lounge chair. It was designed by Milo Baughman. It is among his most famous and iconic designs of the 1960s and 1970s.

Thayer Coggin is one of the first names in residential furniture manufacturing. Since its founding in 1953, the company has been identified in the home furnishings market with modern, classic design.

Teresa Loflin - Community Relations Director for High Point Museum.


I'm not too sure about the yellow chair but I love the wooden one!


Fancy yellow thing! Love the idea!


Love the style and period contrast in this photo! The yellow chair screams for attention and looks like Ikea. The Adirondack is more my type. It quietly beckons you to sit a spell under the old oak tree, sip your iced tea, and watch the sun set over the creek.

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