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Friday, July 10, 2009


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Guy D

Stunning to say the least, well done.

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures


What an absolutely stunning sky and you shot it so well. I love this one so much!


My hubby and I always watched the sky, it's so fascinating to watch the changes. Now that I've joined Skywatch, watching the sky has an added meaning because I could share it with people all around the world: Like YOU. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience with us. :)

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours.

Feeding and having the birds around is fun--but it is work (keeping things cleaned, filled, etc.).. Since you have berries----maybe you don't want the birds....

Beautiful sky picture..

Have a great weekend.


Wow..what a stunning photo..We have had so much rain lately that the blue sky looks even better to me. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, I appreciate it especially as I have only gotten back to nature in the last 5 years....Michelle

Sally in WA

I got to see some great contrails this past weekend. I'm always fascinated by the patterns they leave. Nice capture on this one.


That is a beautiful sky. Being a photographer has made me look at things in a whole new way!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Stunning. Wow.


The colors are so intense!


an absolute stunner!


What intense colours!
And I now, even when driving around, keep checking out the sky for great photo ops!


Great shot and such a lovely deep blue.

I've always looked to the skies but do it far more often now that I've joined Skywatch. So many interesting cloud formations are shared that I really must get a book and learn more about them.

Keep looking up.


Very exciting sky!
But as an Israeli, I'm afraid it brings to mind incoming missiles.


GDP - Wow that's is an incredible photograph! I like the write-up you've done as well. skywatch friday does make us look at the sky more frequently and with great anticipation. . . and as you say more knowledge than before. . .(i.e. that will be a great pink sky in an hour).


This a breathtaking. I need to come to your part of the world if there is so much beauty. Really, really enjoyed your post. Too, I am happy you had time to stop by my post.


Quite a stunning Photo!


I love your amazing contrail shot. The lighting is perfect! Stunning!


Cool! Looks almost like a spaceship crash landing! ;)


This is just a stunning photo.

Brit' Gal Sarah

What a good job you looked up, just stunning!


What an absolutely marvelous photo!

Carolina John

that's a really cool shot -- great color!

Jew Wishes

What a stunning photo! The tones and contrasts are beautiful.


You knocked another home run with another of your sky pictures.


I thought it was some sort of explosion when I saw it. But then, fireworks are!

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