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Sunday, June 14, 2009


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Can't say I ever saw a Mormon church in America. And you have two??

Jerusalem has a Mormon university on the Mt. of Olives. I toured it once and the architecture is stunning. Also they give free concerts with the huge organ. They were allowed to build it on one condition: no missionary work in Israel.


Hi Jan. Whenever I post something religious, like from the Bible or a prayer or whatever, many readers seem to avoid it like the plague.
That's just the way it is.
Maybe it is that people are beyond their comfort zone in commenting on a different religion or church. Maybe they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Just the idea of organized religion is a turn-off for many.
I don't know. I love to see houses of worship and experience different prayer services. Hope you will keep sharing yours.


I like your Sunday posts. It's a great reminder to keep Sunday sacred. Even if people don't comment on the post I think that it still has an impact on them.


P.S. Re your comment over at JHDP--
Yes, I make sure to visit your Sunday posts, but it is also the time that I catch up on your weekday posts, even if I don't comment on each one.

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