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Friday, June 12, 2009


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Write Girl

Beautiful farmer's market. There must have been so many delicious fruits and veggies for sale. Thanks for checking out my site : )


You had strawberries too it´s that time of the year. The whole scene looks very friendly.

I had to post yesterday. If I don´t then I would have limited time to visit other blogs. That´s why I have comments already.

Sally in WA

Oh wow, that looks like a wonderful Farmer's Market. I could spend a of time and $$ there. Keep me away! :-)

Guy D

The weather looks fantastic there, great pic.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

Larry D

Farmers markets are excellent places. Great Photo!


Hi there! Love the colors in your photo and I love a Farmers Market. Sounds like your area has a good one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I had the wrong link set at Sky Watch earlier, but have now sign up using a correct like. Now I'm at the bottom of the list!


Great shot. I love to go to the state farmer's market we have in Raleigh too.


Wow, you are right. Those colors just pop with that blue cloudy sky as backdrop. Wish days like this would stretch on and on, but we've got to enjoy the bounty while we can. At least in the winter we have our summer images to look back at :-).


We have just started one here Saturdays about time too. This just looks so delicious including that sumptious blue sky.


Truly a wonderful farmers' market. So great to have everything all together with the great variety of plants as well. So colourful against the summer sky.

H. Grau Hauser

I was trying to find the operating Hour that you'll are open for the public to come. We are coming from King. Too far to drive and find you;ll closed with Gas etching back up.

Nancy Pysher

When do Jonathan apples come in?

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