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Thursday, June 04, 2009


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Awesome details on that house. Beautiful.


That's a great shot of the house. It is beautiful but I agree that the corinthian portico tends to dwarf the house. In a way though that makes it all the more interesting. Great that the owner restored it so well after the fire.

Greensboro Daily Photo

There must be some reason for the portico, the columns, the facade of the Isabel St. home.

Perhaps it is possible to walk out on the top balcony and the original owner wanted to be able to walk out and see her husband's factory. Perhaps the columns were brought from a plantation belonging to relatives. Somebody was very purposeful in designing this house and, likely, we will never know why. What about our own lives, possessions, and living quarters would be of interest to future generations? Will the answers to the interesting questions about our lives, our photo archives, evaporate when deleted from Facebook?


Obviously designed by someone who has little architectural training. This is what happens when you hire a contractor to do an architect's job. Bad proportions, total disregard for the historical styles it tries to emulate. I just hope the roof doesn't leak, because keeping the rain out is about all the house is good for. Next time hire an architect, pleasssssssseeeeeeeee...

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