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Friday, May 08, 2009


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The colors in your pictures are so vibrant and strong. You must have a great camera and, no doubt, a sharp eye. Thanks for stopping by Monastery Daily Photo.


Beautiful place! Great detail in your image, but you took the picture mid day. Try it again in early morning or late afternoon for a different prespective and warmer light.

Sally in WA

You are so right about the lack of shadows! I like how they maintained an "older" architectural style in the new construction.

Have a fantastic Friday!


I was looking for the words to describe my impression but You got it "like an artist's rendition"


Pretty place!


My first thought was; where are all the people?? And so I read what you said. :) It really looks a bit like a painting, I am guessing it was at the middle of the day when the sun is highest on the sky!

Love the house, it has charachter and a great color!

Thanks for stopping by, and your nice comment! Of course I was happy to grab my camera! :)

Have a great weekend!

East Gwillimbury WOW!

It DES look like an artist's drawing! I enjoyed reading how you figured out why that's so. ;-)


That's a beautiful shot and it does look like an artist's rendering. I agree that the architecture fits well with the architecture in Greensboro. Thanks for your visit to mine and yes that is my yard. Have a great weekend.


Stunning brick building and fantastic capture as well!
I love it!


You're right, it does look like a painting! Love the colour of the building.


Uh, what everyone else already said...
Sigh, I should look in earlier so I can be the one to sound original.
Still, really like the architecure. And the building pops out against the cenemt and cement-coloured clouds.


Then again, no one else spells cement the way I do.


enjoyed your post...the downside to that complex that is overpriced of course is the lack of covered parking and landscaping...so barren and lifeless looking.
thanks for sharing with us and ahve a wonderful rest of the weekend.

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