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Sunday, May 03, 2009


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Very graceful-looking sanctuary. Seems like a good place to worship.




Lovely modern church.

Pagan Sphinx

These are excellent shots. I'll be posting shots inside the dark interior of a local episcopal church. I don't know what meme yet but it will be at The Pagan's Eye.

Thanks for a great blog!


Nicely done!

leif hagen

I've really enjoyed looking through your "Sacred Sunday" postings! I'm inspired to show the same on my EAGAN daily photo blog!

Chris M.

The round window set high above the altar has a matching window on the opposite side of the sanctuary. Due to the way the church is oriented, the back window catches the sun at certain times of day depending on the season. If you are there at the right time of day the colored light passing through the stained glass is projected on the white wall behind the altar above and directly over the crucifix--it's a really beautiful effect. Any questions about why that wall was left plain and white are answered the first time you see it painted with light.

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