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Monday, May 04, 2009


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Interesting, I'd never heard of these homes.


Very interesting and it does look good in black and white. It reminds me of a dressing room for an actor that's been emptied out.


Quite the thing if you have the room and the cash.

Laughing Orca Ranch

So stark withy interesting angles. I have an urge to fill it wit stuff, though! heheh

New Mexico, USA


That looks great in black and white. Interesting furniture. Does look very efficient.

East Gwillimbury WOW!

I know this is a display...but it makes me wish I could keep things so neat and orderly. ;-)


Interesting .. and perfect for a monochrome


Hullo! Very stark room and yes efficient. Metal huh..Cold too!

Yep, I bet you were expecting to see a horse over ayt a blog called "ALLHORSESTUFF"!!...it took all of me NOT to use one for the Mono! I have one for next week though...a Rusty "Metal" one!
Thanks for stoppin' in!


Oh and I did forget to mention..to answer your question...Yes Horses like the true Dandelions...they are cleansing to the liver(not that they know this fact) But ther eis a "false Dandelion" that causes nervious system disruptions...once you know the diff, is easy to spot!


A friend lived in one of these and had to use magnets to hang pictures on the walls.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Hugh! That is so funny. Are you serious or are we gullible? Not mentioned in the first post is the fact that this photo was taken when the Lustron was between tenants. Many of the occupied Lustrons are bursting at the seams with possessions. In a way, they are reminiscent of Airstreams-- only immobile.


I have always wondered about that house on Lawndale, and I have a friend on Dellwood-- I'll have to search this house out. Fascinating stuff!

Pagan Sphinx


Clueless in Boston

I never heard of Lustron before. Very interesting.


This does render well in monochrome. It must be a noisy house!


What a cool monochrome picture! I had no idea it was taken through a window until I read the text.


I've been in this one on Dellwood. Uber retro.


I live just a few blocks from both of these Lustron and have often wondered what they were like inside. I'd read something about them years ago and recognized them when I moved to the area, they are so tiny looking. I hope these two are maintained. I love the Dellwood Park area, such a diversity of homes, like so many great Greensboro neighborhoods. Oh my it is almost 2 am, I've so enjoyed your pictures & commentary I lost track of time! I'll have to come by another time and go through your archives back to January!

Rehman Malik

Thanks for share nice blog..

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