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Saturday, April 18, 2009


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Someone with good visual sense arranged these boxes!
Yes, local papers are precious, aren't they?

John Robinson

The boxes are on public property and the N&R doesn't have any say over them, except for the two that are ours.

That said, we are going to be here for a long time. The recession is slowing us, as it is every business, but it will pass and we'll get through it.

Thanks for reading.

Jane Mitchell

I, too, am a long time reader of the News and Record with my morning coffee. When friends complained and dropped their subscriptions, I came back at them with the fact that the N.Y Times nor the Wall Street Journal could tell me what was playing at the local cinemas, review the local concerts and plays, inform me of local & state affairs or provide me with the civic pride I feel in reading my hometown newspaper. Vive the News and Record! JTM


wowwwww is it real?
Wonderful shot !


That is so colorful and cute!

We don't have newspaper boxes because ours are still sold the old way — by people holding them out on the streets to drivers or in boxes on the sidewalks for pedestrians.


Great colorful shot. And interesting thoughts about local papers. They're certainly important for local communities.


Wonderful shot, you've shown me something that I love when walking American streets. I've never yet seen such a great colourful line to photograph!

Ampersand Seven

I love the way the 200 looms over the little newspaper boxes like a tall, skinny Helvetica drill sergeant.

Mojo, NC, USA

I wonder if there will be any local papers 5 years form now. At least in the form of actual papers. Print media is going the way of the dodo it seems.


Janis, thanks so much for sending me the message about this. Love the shot! We don't have these in France so if that theme is chosen I'd have to get my thinking cap on. Love the photo as i said.

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