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Friday, April 24, 2009


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There must be a pot of gold at the end of this one. Great capture!


OMG! This is sensational. Blown my socks off with this one.


Beautiful! I am in awe - I have so far failed to capture a decent rainbow!


Spectacular sight - truly a great capture




You sure had your chance there! The colours couldnĀ“t be much brighter than that. Good lights on the trees too.

Laughing Orca Ranch

That is just exquisite!! Beautiful photo. Gorgeous rainbow!



Wow! A double rainbow. Didn't know that existed, but it looks really great in your picture. Excellent composition!

Grace and Bradley

I have never seen the rainbow so close and clear before. Thanks for visiting our blog and comment.

Dawn Fine

Howdee ..I came over to see your blog as you suggested..Very nice!
I wasnt sure if this was your Skywatch Friday post because you didnt have the skywatch link...but it was the only sky type photo here.
Nice rainbow..and interesting blog of the area.
My husband and I are visiting my sister in Carthage and dont actually live here..but two months of the year we seem to be here visiting..
thanks for the comment on my blog.


Wow! Jewels in the sky! Really stunning.

Sue McG

Such a wonderful photo, and thanks for the reminder of that wonderful version of 'Over the Rainbow' - amazing!!

Dina in Jerusaelm

How vivid! This must be the strongest rainbow photo I've ever seen.
Good for you!

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