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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


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Love those wet carpark reflections! The blue volkswagon's wheels are quite distinct!


Super super shot!!!


The yellow one is so cute!
BEautiful post!
Kind Regards

Jew Wishes

Great photo! I really like the reflections. Well composed.


An aftermath of a rainy day? I love moments like that but still i don't like to have my foot wet. :)

Nice car photos..the yellow is so attractive though the blue one also is regal.

Today's Blah...

Wow,this reminds me of my pop. He really was a big fan of the volks. There was a time when I was ever glad --announcing he bought some additional car. But oh boy, it was another volks!!! We had three - red white and blue! LoL.


You certainly had plenty of water. Great shot, you have captured the reflections so well.



My daughter has started posting pics of all the different colors of new bugs we see around town. It is kind of a fun adventure. http://taraphotoblog.blogspot.com/ We did see an old one that unfortunately was going the other way the other night that looked like a patchwork of different color parts. Doors, hood, etc.

Mary Elizabeth

Great shot, love the reflection!
I really can have breakfast now!

Mary Elizabeth Blog.


I love this shot. Some great looking beetles there.


I don't get to Greensboro as often as I used to, but I've probably been by this place and never noticed it. But now that my son's transferred to UNC-G maybe that'll change.

To respond to your comment, I'd guess that 80-90% of my work is "homegrown", that is, shot here in NC. But now and then I throw in a shot from somewhere that's else.

Sally in WA

My husband would love going to Herbie's. He had a bug when he was younger. My avatar is the Porsche "Sally" from the movie Cars though. It's one of my favs because of the Route 66 connection. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. :-)

Julianna Thoennes

Hey there! I am Julianna from the Good Ole Volks West! I came to one GOV event many years ago. We live in Oregon, but are currently driving to Florida. My husbands Sister lives in Mooresville, NC, so we will be in the area next week. I know Brent and Laura, as they started the club, then moved back. Pea Pod used to belong to me! Hope she is still on the road! :) I would like to meet with the group when I'm in the area if that's ok. I think I may have Brent's phone number somewhere. Email me, as I get my mail on my Blackberry when we are on our journey. Thanks!

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Storms make trees take deeper roots.Your post moved me.

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