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Friday, April 03, 2009


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Jim K

That does look like part of a giant flag. Thanks for the visit.


Thanks for the visit and the comment. You sound like me. I start from the bottom of the list and go up for as long as I can. I figure the tail-enders get hit the least so that's where I visit. :-)

Love that striped sky! How usual. :-)


Those stripes are really cool :-) Great photo.



this is absolutely stunning! what a great capture.


Oh wow, that's absolutely brilliant. I have never ever seen any kind of cloud formation like that before, and no I am sorry to say we didn't see anything like that in Virginia, not up north anyhow. I think you've got something extra special here. Thanks for sharing.


I have never seen stripes in the sky before. Wowza! Great Sky Watch post.

Dina in Jerusaelm

Lucky you to see such a sign in the sky! Now if only there was a six-pointed star in the middle, you'd have our flag. :)


Wow a very unique sky. Those huge strips looked amazing.


Cool stripes! So lucky you caught them!

Today's Blah...

Ha, it's the second post for a striped sky...I've never seen like this before but I'm having 2 today. Great find.

Sally in WA

What a great description for this neat sky photo.


Looks like it could be the bottom of the flag of Uruguay, especially if the sun's off-frame to the top left.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Uruguay (wikipedia)


spectacular indeed!

Guy D

Looks like a painting, great shot!

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures


Now that's a unique looking sky!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Skunk cabbage is a woodsey, swampy plant that first appears in the very early Spring. Grows about 12". It's " flower" is deep inside those fleshy leaves, and if the leaves are disturbed they do smell like skunk ! Not something you want to mess with although they do have some medicinal uses from long ago.


Very impressive..thanks for showing us...and thanks for visiting my NY skies this week also!


Have never seen the sky so organized. Nice.


Wow, that's very cool!

Dot O

Great flagged-striped sky!!!

I am not that far from you, in the outskirts of the City of Brotherly Love!!

We do like to vacation in the Outer Banks each year and I'm hoping for some better sky captures from atop Jockey's Ridge this year!


What an amazing shot...almost looks unreal!


What a fantastic sky! Very unusual shot.


like this shot...great capture...always like creative shots.
have a wonderful weekend.


That's a wonderful sky. To answer your questions, we did have some similarities on Sunday here but not stripes. I think Sunday was when a little blue finally broke through the rain and clouds. I'm in Raleigh although I've featured Chapel Hill some on my blog. Greensboro is enough west of us that I guess we're a week or two ahead of you in terms of spring.


Some great looking sandwich bread hanging over there.

I took mine on tuesday 2nd of April this year. Sorry if I slept a little longer today and missed you! Do I have to get up earlier now? hah hah!:-)

Secret Mom Thoughts

cool stripes. Nice skywatch shot.

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