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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


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Greensboro Daily Photo

If anybody lands here, please help. We can't figure out how to get included on the thumbnails for the city daily photo theme day. It appears we have linked to the theme day but we can't get included on the page. What can we do?

julie scottsdaledailyphoto.com

this is some yellow! In answer to your question, the Chihuly glass art exhibit will only be installed through May 30, 2009. I wish it was permanent. I have not tried Monochrome Monday. I will look into it. thanks for the tip.


Interesting story and yes, very yellow. Looks like a great place too. About the link problem, ask on the relevant CDPB forum. That's what I would do.


Wow, you hit the YELLOW jackpot! Vibrant and fun shot. Happy theme day,


Yellow is luck, party, joy.

Nice shot



Trujillo Daily Photo

Barcelona Daily Photo


This is a place I would love to linger. Good shot! Have to add it to my "Top Ten" list.

David T

Thanks for your comments. My, lots of people are on-line early today!

Jan was freaking out over the City Daily Photo theme problem, but it turned out to be on the CDP portal end--not ours. We're on the theme page now. You have to dig down several pages to get to us, but there are plenty of interesting shots from other city photo sites to peruse on the way to ours. http://citydailyphoto.com/portal/themes_archive.php?page=7&tid=24

Books went up late today. You may need to refresh your browser. I had a little technical difficulty, but the Amazon Associates discussion boards helped me figure it out. "The Old Curiosity Shop" image is a BBC DVD being released on May 5, 2009. Click the link to pre-order from Amazon (it's discounted $6).

Sorry for the long comment!

Bohol Today

Look, there's so much yellow in there! Cool post for the theme. And the story of the business hours is so funny.


I got to spend quite sometime looking and admiring this shot!!
A lot of yellow items that drawn me to the photo :)

Happy Theme Day!!


What a wonderfully happy place. Just love all this yellow. What a find for today's theme.


Where's the yellow? All I saw was pink! ;)


You put the yell in yellow in this post. It screams at you. Fabulous narrative too. Do try monochrome monday, I think you'd enjoy it.


superbe photo, surtout avec le contrasme entre mes deux mannequins.


What a truly interesting story. I've always enjoyed browsing through thrift shops.

Yellow is it! Terrific. I like the girl on the left with no arms.


WOW That is alot of yellow! Nice find!


I thinkyou win...if there were a prize. That is yellow, yellow, yellow.


And they set it up like that just for you!
Sydney Daily Photo

susie of arabia

This is a really interesting photo - great Theme Day choice!


I love the whole idea of Elsewhere! A museum, artists' collaborative and display space — a lot of people I know would die for something like that here.

Are you friends with the owner or some of the artists? It looks like they set up that corner just for you! :)

Just perfect for theme day!

Bill B.

I love how the pink and red interact with the yellow. Re the shop, some things are better left as is.

Karen Graham

What eye candy for the artists. I think it looks very French. The shiny yellow half-maniquin is a treat. Amazing that nothing is for sale.


wow! a great find and well shot!


You do appear as a thumbnail in the Theme Day page.

Wow, this place really scream YELLOW!!
Happy Theme Day!


What an opportunity to have found this "far corner" in that shop for the theme day ! Nostalgic yellow of the past. I love the atmosphere.

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