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Friday, March 06, 2009


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This is a lovely contrast between the building, the sky and the trees. Thanks too for the informative text..

FYI: I couldn't access your blog from the comment you left on my blog. It may just be Blogger but it's worth checking..


Those trees are magnificent against the blue skies! Great shot...


What a wonderful Friday shot! So if I understand correctly, this is a shopping mall?

Greensboro Daily Photo

Yes, cieldequimper, this is the BACK side of a shopping mall.

Jane Mitchell

This appears to be the Sears Building at Friendly Shopping Center. It so, it is a separate building in the Center rather than part of a mall. This provides quite a different shopping experience. JTM

Jew Wishes

What a vibrant sky, and the architecture contrasts against it so nicely. Lovely photo.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Beautiful shot! Love the contrasts, the trees in front of that blue, blue sky!

David T

Technically, I guess Friendly Center is an outdoor shopping center. It definitely is not an indoor mall. Here are two other posts we have done from Friendly Center.



Thanks to all our visitors from Skywatch Friday. Today was the first posting we've entered on that site. For those of you that haven't been there, here's the link.


Brit' Gal Sarah

I love the dominance that you gave to the tree's in this shot

Kilauea Poetry

What a shot..yes, the cobalt blue skies with the trees-


Your photos bring back memories, my wife is originally from Greensboro, I'm from Roanoke. Love to see the snow and familiar places. Thanks


The sky is so blue against the line of trees. Nice picture.


Yay, I can finally visit you! I've tried for a few days and it kept saying "private"?...The Sears catalogs take me back to my grandparents house and laying on the living room floor going through them, picking everything I like best from page to page. I remember growing up, our Sears had a great candy shop inside!

Great photo with a story for skywatch :)

Bohol Today

This is a magnificent blue sky. Thanks for your visits. I'm glad I found you here on CDP. I've not been able to access your site through my blogsite. Dunno, who's at fault here. Maybe it's worth checking out.

Thanks and Happy Blogging. Nice page here.

Guy D

I love the blue skies, great shot over the Sears building.

Regina In Pictures

Tuscaloosa Daily Photo

Lovely skywatch! I love the vintage ads as well!


That's a beautiful shot of the sky, trees and Sears store. I've been going to the Raleigh Sears for as long as I can remember.

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