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Sunday, March 22, 2009


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Good luck in your campaign. Lovely photo - very plaintive.


A beautiful photo, I do hope it will not go the way of all flesh.


Couldn't wait to see today's post and WOW! what a prize photo. Love it! Keep up the good work.


That's so sad. Has it lost its congregation? I hope it does get saved — looks like a beautiful, quiet place to meditate, reflect and pray.


Sad but beautiful


Preservation Oak Ridge are the ones that placed the tarps on the church. They are currently undertaking a fundraiser to restore the church so it can be used for weddings and such. They have already had the land rezoned so it cannot be used for housing or commercial use.


PS there is an article about the church and is century old history in the Northwest Observer recently. Go to there website and search Ai Church.


Churches come and churches go. This one might be worth saving for its historical value. A community usually loses some sense of its history when older buildings that formerly served a purpose are torn down to make way for "modern" ticky-tack.


I would never have guessed that that was a church. It's a beautiful photograph.

emma and tom

Lovely photograph, stunning colour

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks lugnut. Our dream has been for Greensboro Daily Photo to generate dialog between local residents and for the world to have access to learning more about our fine city. To date, the website has generated more interest internationally than locally. We hope this is changing. Ten comments. Hurrah!

We found the article you are talking about and will provide the URL here. For our readers, the article indicates that the church, known as Ai Church, is over 200 years. It is located right next to the Old Mill of Guilford, which we are featuring tomorrow! It appears that the property is relatively safe from becoming another housing development. Here is the URL.


Jew Wishes

What a lovely composition. I like how the blue of the roof really stands out. Nice framing within the trees.


This is a beautiful photograph, how is the restoration coming?

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