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Monday, March 23, 2009


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Hopefully, yes. It's nice to see that very old buildings are still used according to their primary destination! And I can see why it's one of the most photographed places of the county, it's so beautiful!

Brenda Leyland

Hi, My first time visit -- enjoyed your photos and the interesting theme-related book selections.

Thanks for a wonderful glimpse into your world!

David Burke

Good photo. Nice colors.

Clueless in Boston

I've never seen a mill with such bright colors.


Glorious. This could also easily be a postcard...maybe you could sell it to whoever promotes your area...


That's a beautiful old mill. I love the red wheel and roof.

You were asking about photo memes and if there are any I recommend. I sometimes feel like it's hard to pick which ones to do, there are so many. I do That's My world, SkyWatch, Monochrome Monday, and Wordless Wednesday on Carver Cards. I really started that blog to be a photo blog and intended to post one shot per post without words but gradually started doing photo memes on it.

My original blog - Carver's Sight or is that Site is one that has always had more text and started as a cancer blog with a lot of photographs but now that I'm 4 years away from active cancer I talk about that less on that blog and my first photo memes are on that blog (photohunters and Weekend snapshot). I started them before I had a separate photo blog so I kept doing them on Carver's Sight.

Sometimes it gets to be a lot of blogging, LOL. There are so many other photomemes that look like fun that I don't do. There is one for macro shots, there is one called ruby tuesday. I think if you google with photo meme as the search string you will find a site that lists a lot of them. So that's my wordy answer to your question and I probably haven't helped much.

Jane Mitchell

Hope they still sell their pumpkin muffin mix--it's very good.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Dear Jane:

You have always encouraged us to add as much history to this website as possible. Well, the places like the OLD MILL and the 200+ year old church from yesterday really generate interest and comments. Your suggestion was a sound one.

Ideas for historic places nearby will be greatly appreciated. We'll try to find the spare time to follow through.

You Greensboro Daily Photo Family


I am not surprised it's one of the most photographed. It is picture postcard perfect.

David T

Everyone, thanks for all the comments!

Brenda, thanks for visiting our site. I hope you looked through the past two and a half months of posts and found something that interested you.

Carver, thanks for the info. It WAS helpful.

Burke, good to have you commenting again.

Cieldequimper, you keep us charged up with your complimentary comments.

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