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Friday, March 27, 2009


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Uberrhund,Luaubee janis

Hello, Beautiful blue sky around your tree, now I must find out what kind of tree it is too!
Thank you for the kindly comment on my skywatch friday post (which I was editing and you ended up with Leeky cheese bread, not a bad thing!).


Peace, man! Yes, we always seem to be neighbours. I get up at 6am to do my post.


Peace to you too! Really cool shot and your blue sky looks like ours here in California! Enjoy SWF!!


I haven't seen a sky that blue since i was in Richmond in 2000. Lovely.


Beautiful blue sky - and the tree as a grat silhouet in front!

To answer your question; yes, the picture on my blog is from Norway, a town called Drammen! I tried to visit your blog by clicking on your nickname, but that didn't work! So - I am glad I found you at SkyWatch!

Nice weekend to you!


That's a beautiful sky and is close to Carolina blue. I love the inverted peace symbol you spotted in the interesting tree.

I wanted to mention that the same thing still happens sometimes with your link that I mentioned the first time I visited. If you use your google blogger account to comment, then when I click on the link it goes to the blogger message that it's a private blog or something like that. That happened with the link today. I think the reason it works sometimes is you use the option of putting your name and web address in when you comment. Those times I can click the link and come here. It's not a big deal and I have saved your web address but for people that haven't they may click on the link going to the blogger message and don't make it here.

Jew Wishes

What a great capture of textures, tones, and contrasts. I like how you've captured nature's beauty...

That tree is trying to tell us something...peace to all.

Thanks for visiting.


Just awesome! The color of the sky is magnificent.


I wouldn't try to guess what species an American tree is, but it certainly seems good value for photographing!

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