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Monday, March 30, 2009


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Do you have these in Greensboro? He is as interested in you as you are with him. NICE.

Greensboro Daily Photo

So funny you should mention the cow's interest in us. These cows seemed so curious. You can see that they are all looking our way!


Och aye, laddy... sorry, got caried away for a moment.
B&W allows no distraction, that is it's strength.
Welcome to the theme.


They're beautiful. Just hope you don't have a lot of burrs and sticky things where they graze.


I love this shot. Your monochrome shot is excellent! Glad you're joining this meme too.

Clueless in Boston

Great shot, especially in b&w. I love the perspective and slightly tilted angle of the picture.


Oh what a face ...


PS I remembered that I didn't answer your question about how I get the bird shots. Part of it has to do with being far away. That's why the shot isn't as clear as it might be. The group in my monochrome shot flew away from me to perch in trees at some distance. I watched them as they flew away and was able to see where they landed. I didn't try to get too close as I knew they'd fly away again.

The ones I get closer shots of tend to perch above their nests and call out to their partners. Some birds are very protective of their nesting areas this time of year. I have a lot of overgrown bushes for them to nest in, so every time I walk out the door, there is a flurry of bird activity. I just stand still and try to watch them until they are somewhere I can photograph.


Very nice. Is that a Lensbaby image? Whatever you used, it's a fine monochrome photo. Cheers from BC!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks to your post Snapper, we googled "Lensbaby" and just now learned what it is. Unfortunately, we don't have a store that carries them locally but would love to try one. We're pretty basic with our Nikon D80, 18-135 mm Nikon lens, and OLD version of iPhoto. When we get the time, we'll learn Aperture as we need a better way to catalog and retrieve our 15,000 photos!

julie scottsdaledailyphoto.com

this is a great photo. i just love it! excellent capture.


Just found your blog-- wonder if we're neighbors? I see some College Hill in there-- we're Westerwooders. Lovely photos!


From the portal, I thought these were yaks. Very friendly-looking creatures, and the b/w choice is a good one.

David T

Melissa-- We're in Northwest Greensboro, but try to get shots from all around the 'burro. We did cheat a little, I guess, by venturing up to Oak Ridge. Who makes the rules, anyway?


I wonder if this breed will catch on over here. Leaner beef would be a great selling point.




Perfect framing. Very nice capture. I love this cow picture! Moooooo to you!

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