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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


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I'm so glad for the kids! They look like they're having so much fun! I doubt if I'd have much fun though — I honestly don't think I can survive the cold! ;D

Thanks for worrying about me, Jan. But you don't have to. On weekdays, I post my photo at night when I get home from work, and I got back late tonight. It's not unusual for me to miss one or two posts every week too. Sometimes, it's because of work, but more often than not, it's because my husband and I are out watching a play or something! :D

julie scottsdaledailyphoto.com

such fun! a snow fight

David Burke

Looks great. We may have had one or two snowflakes in New Bern, but that was about it.


That's a beautiful snow shot. I am not sure if I found the right blog. Greensboro Daily left a comment on the Carver Cards My World post and asked where I was in NC. I'm in the triangle area. When I tried the link it went to a closed blogger profile and I couldn't get to the blog so I googled greensboro daily and found myself here. I hope I made it to right place. You have a beautiful blog.


Jan it went right through this time. I think what happened was when you signed in on myworld it automatically put in your blogger profile page and that's what would let me in. This time it went straight to your blog page. Thanks for letting me know that I found the right one.


This is an excellent shot, one of the best I've seen of children playing in the snow!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks Cieldequimper for the kind words regarding the snow shot. Actually, one of the hardest parts of capturing this photo was not getting the children's faces (to respect their privacy). Children LOVE to pose for a camera!


such a lovely image indeed!

David T

Thanks for all the comments. We don't get a lot of snow in Greensboro, but when we do it's nice to see the kids make the most of it.


That snow looks like so much fun - its so nice and white - I feel like diving right into it all!


Hi Jan

Yes, i agree, the contrast in weather from NC and HI is quite remarkable - best of both worlds to enjoy! =)

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