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Friday, February 20, 2009


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Jane Mitchell

How about a nod to O. Henry, one of Greensboro's renowned, who worked in a drug store here as a boy? A replica can be seen at the Greensboro Historical Museum.

David T

Thanks Jane. We'll take all the recommendations we can get!


Hi Jan...

Thanks for stopping by Ocala Daily Photo and the comment. I hadn't seen your site before, so I'm glad I you provided the info. A store like that drugstore is priceless because such were very much a part of my childhood. Some things I do miss about the "good old days."

Best wishes.


auringonkukka :)

thank you once visited a village home pages! Finnish is a beautiful country! a lot of lakes and forests!;)

Greensboro Daily Photo

For archival purposes, we just want to return to this post and say that it has generated considerable interest and traffic through google searches. It is the first picture that comes up in google images when one searches Brown-Gardniner. My friend iJune said the photo was a favorite of hers. She noted that it wouldn't have been as good of a photo had the parked cars been any color other than white. The white cars appealed to me when taking the picture. Some days I take 10 pictures of the same thing and on this day, only one was taken. I just knew I would like it. In iPhoto, I did manipulate the color (antique option perhaps?) and contrast just a little bit as the photo was taken late in the day when fleeting light makes images start to look flat. I'm always struck by the powdery, medicinal smell of the old-time drug stores. The smell is noted in Brown-Gardiner. Wonder what it is?

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