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Saturday, January 31, 2009


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Your picture of Macy's could have been taken in any city, in any Macy's in the country. I have always found Macy's to be difficult to walk through, messy, and having store brand merchandise of poor quality. I think we were all better off with our local regional stores - Hechts, Marshall Fields, Filenes, etc.


Where are all the consumers? Negative pictures like this are driving down the economy.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Dear Clueless in Boston and pfknc:

Thanks for the input. I took the picture of Macy's to show that Greensboro, as with most of America, holds on to regional character all the while also having characteristics of the generic look.

As for the people, or lack thereof, we've been cautious to photograph people here in the beginning until we are well established. I did happen to go to Macy's on a very quiet day in Friendly Center (Tuesday, maybe) and was actually relieved that I didn't violate people's privacy by taking their picture, candidly, without consent. We are not professionals, not journalists, just enthusiastic about showcasing our city. We'll try to find pictures of retail shops brimming with people to counter the notion of a driven down economy.

On a related note, just today, I went to the Curb Market on Yanceyville and the vendor was excited about the possibility of appearing on Greensboro Daily Photo. I got his consent and hope to start publish more people pictures. Thanks for looking and for providing feedback!

Greensboro Daily Photo


My children LOVE riding the escalator. My daughter calls it her fun ride!! You know, I don't think I have ever been in a Macy's store.

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