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Saturday, January 03, 2009


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There used to be a building shaped like a cone (point at the top) back in my home town (Fairmont, WV). They used to sell (you guessed it) ice cream cones and other dairy products out of there. It was called (you guessed it) "The Cone."

Unfortunately, I have no information about the Greensboro "roundhouse."


I can remember when it was built (maybe around 1990). The name of the business was "The Flower Pot", and it was in fact a florist.


4ty8er-I thought the building was a little older than that. I remember it being a florist, too.

Chad Boulet

Yes, it was originally "The Flower Pot." When it opened, it looked more like an actual flower pot - it was painted in a terra cotta color, and I think it had a wide rim around the top as real pots do. It had a flat roof, and I believe there was a big daisy (or some simple flower) protruding from the top.

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