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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


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EG CameraGirl

Cute display! Stamps are only 49 cents?! I'm impressed. (Ours in Canada are 85 cents.)

Mike Nice

A very clever display and a welcome way to cut the lines!


this is so cute!


A great way to sell stamps. And a very nice, creative post for the theme!


It's nice to see a friendly face at the post office!


A nice idea for this theme day!


Aw, that's really sweet.


That's a brilliant contribution!

William Kendall

That is fun!

You pay a good deal less for stamps than we do.


Very cute little shop window! What a treat to find nice postal employees. I've found nice ones in our community, too. In some bigger cities they can be pretty miserable.


Always nice to see a cheery and welcoming face

Lauren Kennedy

That is a super photographs. Makes me smile.

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